Mr Darcy

Mr Darcy is Nyora Primary School therapy dog. He started here when he was 4 months old and is now 15 months old. Mr Darcy loves lying around in the room watching lessons, listening to stories, being involved in classroom activities or relaxing in his special area. Sometimes he just likes to chill out.

Mr Darcy, our therapy Dog comes to school each day under the guidance and supervision of Mrs Cartledge in Grade 2/3. You will find Mr Darcy in Mrs Cartledge’s classroom and the BER Building. After school he may even being seen having a visit with the OSHC students in the OSHC room. Mr Darcy enjoys being taken for a walk at recess and lunchtime and loves the school walk along the walking track. He is very good when wearing his lead and knows to be on his best behaviour.

Mr Darcy works at our school to support students with social and

emotional learning needs and support them when their day is not going so well. You will often see Mr Darcy sitting close to a student who is struggling, helping them to recover and calm down. Sometimes just

having Mr Darcy there is all the help they need.

There are many benefits of having a therapy dog which include: improved school attendance, gains in confidence, decreases in learner anxiety

behaviours, improved motivation towards work, enhanced relationships with peers and teachers due to experiencing trust and unconditional love from a therapy dog.

Our students and teachers do not have to be involved with Mr Darcy, it is their choice. They just need to let us know.

Mr Darcy has had certified puppy training and will continue his training under Kelly Venner a Certified NDTF Dog trainer next term.