School Profile

Nyora Primary School is a school of approximately 40 children, situated 101km south east of Melbourne in the steadily growing township of Nyora. The school has been responding to the educational needs of the Nyora community since its opening in 1901.

The school provides the community with a place for quality education, which has the freedom to develop its own character and spirit.  The school believes that the  essential factor in good education is the personal factor; it is that which makes the difference. Through consideration of each student’s individual needs it is possible to bring about the most valuable educational outcomes.

The concept of partnerships – students, staff, parents and the wider community – is an integral part of the school, which has a commitment to  provide a supportive atmosphere and maintain a healthy physical and emotional environment.

  • Develop the necessary skills and attitudes to succeed at school and in the wider community and thus encourage a love of learning.
  • Encourage each student to discover and develop to the utmost potential, his or her individual capabilities.
  • Emphasise basic literacy and numeracy skills.
  • A cooperative team based organisational structure which allows for flexibility and is adaptable to change.

Nyora Primary School offers seven year developmental programs from Prep to Year 6 in the areas of English, Mathematics, Science, Technology, Society and the Environment, The Arts and Health, LOTE-Indonesian and Physical Education.

Enrichment programs in Sport, Computers, Library, Prep and Year 6-7 Transition, Health and Personal Development and others supplement the curriculum.  Learning Technologies plays a strong role across all key learning areas.

Three class groupings are currently operating in the school according to year levels. Special programs are tailored to assist students with learning needs.

A variety of teaching and learning strategies are employed in the school to maximise the learning opportunities of all students.  The staff takes part in a wide range of  professional development aimed at ensuring that current practice and educational trends are implemented at Nyora Primary School.  Regular program reviews along with ongoing student assessment ensures that teaching and learning experiences are effective and purposeful.

Parents are an integral part of the school community and are encouraged to be involved through our open door policy.  Parental involvement, assistance and feedback is welcomed and parents assist in the implementation of a wide variety of school programs and activities including classroom learning centres, swimming, bike-ed, excursions, fundraising, concerts, cluster days, Parents and Friends and School Council.

The physical environment of the school is attractive in its semi-rural location.  The school council is continually working towards improving the school’s buildings and grounds.  The well maintained grounds consist of a basketball court and adventure playgrounds, grass areas as well as a large asphalt area.  Native trees and shrubs have been planted to provide shelter and shade.  There is a contemporary open plan learning facility, library, science/art room and an administration building within the school.  The school utilises laptops, tablets and programmable Beebots across the curriculum.

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